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5 Ideas to redecorate a "slow" bedroom

Today we are going to give you five ideas to turn your bedroom into a relaxing space.

1. Touch wood!

Wood is essential to make the bedroom cozy. A wooden headboard or bedside tables can provide that point of warmth.

wooden headboard

bedside table

2. Breathe calmly

Shades of blue or green convey serenity. Use them on textiles or cushions or if you dare, paint a wall.




3. Under the bed

Order is very important, a good resource is beds with canapé. It has as much space as a closet.


4. The light

Reinforce the natural style with low, warm lights to create a pleasant atmosphere. And help you disconnect.

lampsmall tableapply

5. The curtains

Airy fabrics with drape, such as thread, cotton or linen, are a safe bet and if they drag on the floor, even better. Always in light tones to provide spaciousness.



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