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6 plans for you to disconnect your cell phone

Nowadays we don't let go of our mobile phone, WhatsApp, YouTube, checking email every 10 minutes, seeing how many kilometers you've travelled... but then, where is the improvisation? or the pleasure of small details? Sometimes you have to stop and take a breath and live in the moment. That's why we've put together a list of things you probably haven't done in a while.

1. Write a letter, draw, paint... bring out your most creative side

write and paint

2. Go to a concert and turn off your phone, don't record, live in the moment


3. Prepare a lunch, dinner or party at home with your friends


4. Take photos, but with a camera, not with your cell phone.


5. Go to your neighborhood market, support small businesses


6. Read a book, the newspaper or re-read that book that you like so much



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