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Before and After: The Avenue Kitchen

We open a new section on the blog "Before and After" where we will share with you different ideas to renovate your home. Today in particular is the kitchen renovation by Holly Marder from the Avenue design studio. To begin with, she created an inspiration board based on a decoration style, looking for light with simple and natural details.

inspiration board

In this renovation they had to work with the space they had because they could not throw down partitions. They also decided to remove the upper cabinets.

To give it warmth, they decided that the cabinets were lined with oak made by the Koak design company. To contrast the kitchen area they decided to use a white ceramic floor that was easy to clean, dividing the dining area with the wooden parquet. This combination is ideal due to the warmth that the two materials show.

As it was a "low cost" renovation for the countertop, they used leftover marble from a nearby place. And they installed it themselves.

Another detail of this kitchen that we love are the hangers for kitchen utensils.

The truth is that it is a renovation with a lot of personality and where you can see that the owners themselves have worked because of the different details that can be seen. This is something we love..

And are you doing any renovations at home?


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