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6 Keys to slow decoration

Slow decoration goes beyond a decorative style, it is about a philosophy of life that allows you to enjoy the house in all its dimensions, turning it into your refuge, the place where you feel like yourself. Therefore, in this post, we are going to give you some keys to turn your house into a "#slowhome"

1. Bet on simple spaces "less is more" . Only what you really need, because in "slow" environments we look for them to be functional above all.

2. Enjoy the time and your house . Create a space in your home to do what you like most, such as reading, watching a movie or series, practicing yoga... that is, enjoying small pleasures.


3. A space to connect with your family, partner or yourself . Normally it's the kitchen, where you can chat after dinner or lunch. A bar can be a good ally to start with breakfast.


4. Having everything in order is essential in a "quiet" space.

5. Natural materials such as pine wood are a good complement to create warm and comfortable spaces .

sideboard furniture

6. Simplicity, calm and light are the three adjectives that a "slow" home breathes.

slow house


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