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How to care for your cacti

We love cacti , they are plants that add a green touch to your home with little effort. Because let's face it, cacti don't require as much pampering as other plants. But if it happens to you, that even the cacti die, today we are going to tell you the keys so that it does not happen to you again.


Care for your cacti
1. When do I water it?
Spring: Approximately every two weeks or 10 days.
Summer: As the environment is drier, it should be given more frequently, every 4 - 8 days.
Autumn: It is best that during this season you water your cacti infrequently. And in December and January the most normal thing is that you no longer water them or that you simply give them a very very gentle watering every 20-40 days.


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2. A suitable temperature
Generally, cacti tolerate fairly dry conditions well and adapt to temperatures between 7 and 35º Celsius, as long as it is not a very humid environment.
3. Don't forget the sunlight
Don't place it on windows that get direct sunlight, because this ends up burning them. In general, cacti need light but not direct. It also depends on the type of cactus you have.


4. Fertilizer
The ideal time to fertilize your cacti is during the growing season, which corresponds to the months between spring and autumn. In winter, fertilizer is prohibited for cacti .


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