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Two years of slow moments

Slowdeco has turned two years old and as it could not be any other way we wanted to celebrate it with discounts of up to 40% . Also, with the orders placed during this week you get our mug as a gift to remind you that there is always time for a slow moment. Because during these two years above all we have learned the importance of having a moment of relaxation in our home.


Whenever we start designing a new piece of furniture we ask ourselves if it fits with the slow philosophy, if it is functional and transmits warmth and serenity. For this reason, also on our second anniversary we want to present you the new desk that converts into a trunk. Furthermore, we always think that it can fit into any space in the home, because we know that life is constantly changing and that the little ones like to share the living room with you.



And finally, to celebrate the second anniversary of slowdeco, stay tuned for tomorrow on our Instagram we will have another surprise. Happy Tuesday!!



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