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The combination of your life: White and Wood

If you have just bought a house, are renovating or want to renew the style of your house, white and natural wood is the key . To begin with, white provides luminosity and natural wood provides warmth, the two basic things you need in your home. It also fits with any decorative style . Starting from this base, white and natural wood are a sure hit. Let's see several examples, stay by stay.

The hall , which is one of the rooms that we give the least importance to, becomes the letter of introduction of your house. If it is small, you might be interested in painting it white to gain spaciousness. Place a functional piece of furniture with light natural wood tones. And a light-colored rug can also give it a cozy touch.

In the living room , it depends a little on the dimensions, but if you want to gain light, you already know white is your color. Personally, I like wooden floors but that depends on the distribution. Many times to give depth we paint a wall in one color, but as we see this technique is being replaced by covering a wooden wall. And it is clear that in terms of decoration we continue in the same line, white furniture with touches of natural wood or other natural materials , such as fiber or jute.
white decoration
wooden wall
TV cabinet

In the kitchen , if you put wood-colored furniture, put white tiles to take weight off the furniture. And if instead, you put white furniture, a wooden countertop can be a great contrast.
white kitchen
wooden kitchen

In the bedroom , I prefer wood, so that the room is warmer. And on the contrary, use white textiles.
white bedroom
wooden bedroom
wooden table

And finally, in the bathrooms , the color white is reserved for walls and ceilings. Use wood in the furniture and combine accessories in black.



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