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The menu holder clipboard

Decorating with clipboards has been very "cool" for a long time. Decorating with them is very easy, you can put flowers, photos, prints, calendars... and what we like most is that you can change them every month or every week like we do. But today we give you another option, the clipboard as a menu holder . If you have a restaurant , cafeteria , bistro... your menu will look great on our clipboard . It is made of natural pine plywood , it can be natural or aged. We have the clamp available in two colors: metal or copper and, since we do it purely by hand , we can adapt it to the size you need for your menu. And finally, we can personalize it with your logo, isn't that great? You know, do not hesitate to write to us at and we will be happy to give you a personalized quote.

menu holder

wooden menu holder


menu holder





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