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Gift guide

Today we give you some gift ideas this Christmas. This way you will surprise your family and friends with practical and original gifts to make their home as comfortable and beautiful as possible. There are also a few days left until Black Friday (November 24) and you can take advantage of the discounts we will offer to buy your gifts. You can now prepare your shopping cart!!
  • For the kids in the house:
An original gift that is not a toy. Desks, desks and trunks are basic for his room, this way you teach him that he has to be organized and store his toys. It may not be the gift your nephew or grandson asks for, but his parents will thank you for it. christmas gifts

  • For friends who are opening a new "home"
If you are from the 80s generation, you probably have more than one friend who has bought an apartment with their partner or has already decided to become independent (it's about time...) and you want to give them a gift for their new home . Here you have 4 proposals (of all prices) depending on how much of a friend you are ;)
christmas gifts

  • For those people who you consider special to you
For these people, what's better than a personalized gift . A light box with the message you want for your child, mom or dad, brother or sister.... so they will always remember you every time they turn it on💡 💡 💡 Or the scrabble letters never fail!! 😉
custom gifts
  • And lastly, for you.
Because you deserve it, give yourself a gift. Whatever you want!! or whatever you need to make your home more beautiful and pleasant. With the Morris Desk you will create an environment just for you and thus you will have the space you need.


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