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The Christmas decoration of our house

It's our first Christmas in our newly renovated apartment and we wanted to decorate it with Christmas details . For the Christmas tree , we have chosen the color red to decorate it. At first we didn't want to overload it with a lot of things, we said the lights and that's it, but with the nonsense, half of the tree is full. Because honestly, the visible part of the tree is decorated. On the other hand, we have put some mini-trees on the television cabinet with the idea of ​​creating a mini-forest and we looked at Pablo's parents' house for an old car to put a mini-tree tied on top (we took this detail watching Pinterest for years and we love it). And to finish, we placed a Christmas wreath on the door, handmade from eucalyptus branches. (Here's a piece of advice: if you make a wreath, even if it seems like you're adding a lot of branches, add more branches because it has happened to us that when the ecualyptus branches dry, they seem a little smaller and the wreath is no longer as leafy.) A Next I'll show you how it turned out and where we bought the decoration things. We hope you like it, Happy Tuesday!

Christmas tree

Christmas tree

Christmas tree

1. Ikea felt ornament / 2. Ikea star ornament / 3. El Corte Ingles Santa Claus ornament



Mii-Christmas tree Casashops


DIY Christmas wreath



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