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What cannot be missing in a Nordic “instagrammable” house

It is clear that your house is your house and you decorate it according to your personality or your tastes. But today we are going to show you those decoration elements that never fail on Instagram , that make your photo gallery more beautiful. You always have to keep in mind to have clear, natural light. And a common factor is wood, because it brings warmth to the room (and the photo). With a small table, furniture, floor... You have it solved. Analyzing various Instagram accounts, these are the decoration elements that are most repeated and are the most photographed on the “ decolovers ” accounts with a Nordic style .

1. The green touch that is not missing
It is clear that plants give life to your home, but they also look great in your Instagram gallery. Eucalyptus, cacti or succulents are preferred.


2. Rattan basket
It is clear that natural fibers have become a staple for Nordic homes, such as wicker, mouse or linen as natural textures. That is why the rattan basket has become an accessory more than photographed on Instagram. We can use it to store blankets, books or use it as a flower pot.


3. Tableware
One of the most used hashtags is #ønthetable and therefore it cannot be missing in photographs of simple tableware to create your still life.


4. Pictures on the floor
One of the trends in decoration are paintings resting on the floor. And it could not be missing from the Instagram photo galleries.


5. Candles
The Nordic style is related to the hygge philosophy, which is why candles couldn't be missing.



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