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Chic loft

How we love this loft! With a chic style but with a very homely atmosphere. The combination of wood with white walls invites you to a totally relaxed space . Inside the living room, we find a couple of details that are incredible, such as the superimposition of rugs of different textures and the swing, to continue with the slow decoration that this loft has. At all times in this loft there is a warm atmosphere despite being completely open. In the kitchen we also see that combination of urban and rural, with the use of wooden storage furniture, as well as the esparto rug. Upstairs we find the bedroom, where there is a spacious closet next to a small, fully functional study. The master bedroom combines wood, bronze, gray and white to create a delicate but sophisticated atmosphere. In short, a loft with a lot of style but above all cozy. We hope you like it!!

urban loft





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