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The nightstand is the last piece of furniture you see before going to sleep. The bedroom is the room intended for resting, therefore, the simpler the nightstand , the better, "less is more." It is also important that you choose bedding with natural textures because they promote the necessary rest. And have few objects that give way to relaxation. Therefore, bedside tables do not need to be very large. So you can have some decorative object, like a green touch like a flower pot. If you like to read, keep the book on the bedside table, to have it at hand to read before going to sleep and a small lamp so as not to disturb you if you sleep with another person. And if they have a drawer, it is ideal for storing your cell phone so you can truly disconnect. What I like to do before going to sleep is a glass of milk, it is one of the things they recommend to sleep soundly ;)

Below we show you our clients' favorite nightstands .

natt table

1. Wooden star from UO / 2. Natt coffee table from Slowdeco / 3. Bed linen from Bandide

double table

1. Cushion cover from Slowdeco / 2. Vase from Ikea / 3. Double coffee table from Slowdeco

small table

1. Ikea flower pot / 2. Ikea lamp / 3. Slowdeco module table


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