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Because the Nordic style is here to stay

We have been talking about the Nordic style for years and it seemed like it was going to be a fad, but it is still a safe bet when it comes to decorating our home. We realized a long time ago that "less is more" and that wood has that "something" that makes your home more welcoming. And why has this style hooked us so much? Today on the blog we tell you 7 reasons why the Nordic style is here to stay.

1. Because it has taught us to communicate
In the Nordic style, open spaces predominate, so that we can share moments with our family and friends.
2. Colors that always work
White, beige and gray with blue touches. Neutral colors that invite us to calm and give light to our home.
3. That plants give life to your home
A touch of green brings nature , it can be through a plant or a sheet.
4. That light is the key
He has taught us how to take advantage of light through the color white, windows without curtains and mirrors that reflect light.
5. Wood = Cozy
Wood is the material par excellence to create a cozy atmosphere . Which is what we are looking for for our home.
6. Functional furniture
There is no longer a need to fill your house with furniture, the kind that we said will last "a lifetime" and that take up a large part of the room. The Nordic style has also taught us to be practical, only furniture that helps you keep your house in order. Furniture that you can give different uses.
7. Our DIY side
It has made us bring out our "handyman" side and give it that handmade personality. We are addicted to chalk paint .

nordic style

gray sofa
white furniture


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