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Slow Kids: Inspiration for decorating children's rooms

Good morning!! Today we show you the new products that we have added to the online store for the little ones' rooms . With an air of Nordic style and at the same time slow, since we always try to make all our products functional, so that your home is as practical as possible and you can enjoy it. The products are made with pine wood so that they add warmth to the room of the little ones in the house. Light boxes , trunks , scrabble letters , nightstands , wooden headboards are some of our proposals.

Light boxes can be a decorative element that sets the mood in the room, that is, they have a double function, decorating and illuminating. Inspired by superheroes, little princess, stories... from the light box you can choose the theme with which to decorate the room. You can also customize them.

light box

box light

Another important element for decorating a children's room is to have trunks or shelves that allow you and your little one to have everything in order.

shelving cube

wooden trunk

And finally, we propose those details that make the room unique. Like scrabble letters , you can create a combination of words that motivate the little one. Or colorful swallows can make your imagination fly.

scrabble letters



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