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7 DECO Trends 2019

decoration trends

1. Metal structure furniture . They will become the protagonist of neutral spaces , where they provide that "charm" and combine perfectly with other styles.

metal frame furniture

2. Classic colors that tend towards naturalness continue, such as white, camel, gray flannel and burgundy red . You can also go for craving colors (much more daring) such as spicy reds, flamingo orange and intense purple. Or of course, the color of the year: Pantone's Living Coral .


3. Curves are back in the interiors in the form of rugs, armchairs, sofas, furniture and mirrors.


4. Painted floors

If you don't really like your floor or you're already tired of it, paint it! Whether made of wood or tile, painted floors are a trend that we are seeing more and more on Pinterest. With bold colors or geometric finishes.


5. Mustard Yellow

With permission of classic colors and cravings. The mustard yellow color is one of the colors we will see the most this year. Covering an entire wall or in textiles or furniture, providing a touch of color to the house. It is also a color that combines with white, wood or indigo blue .

yellow mustard

6. Vertical Gardens

It is the alternative to paint. Keeping in touch with nature is important and even more so if we live in the city.

vertical garden

7. A bold wallpaper can be the touch your home is missing. With a floral or geometric print it brings life to the rooms.

painted paper


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