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Tips for placing your shelves

Shelves are very versatile: they can divide spaces, decorate and are a perfect storage solution. They help us save space and at the same time are decorative. On a shelf you can show your personality with the objects you put on it. Today we give you ideas to place shelves in each of the rooms of the house: in the living room, in the bedroom, in the office, in the kitchen, in the little ones' room...


* In the living room: Leaning against a wall, behind the dining table or a low shelf behind the sofa, there are several options for placing your bookshelf in the living room. If you want your bookshelf to be more of a bookstore because you are one of those who likes to read, you have several ways to organize the books: chronological order, size, colors, alphabetical order or categories.


If you are going to use it as a storage solution , try to use boxes or baskets to avoid creating chaos. And combine them with other decorative objects, such as vases , fresh flowers, candles, plates, photo frames... It is also important to leave free space so as not to overload the shelf.


* In the little one's room : place it on one of the walls of the room at the height of the child, so that he can pick up the stories, toys, stuffed animals...

children's bookshelf

* In the bedroom: it can become an auxiliary piece of furniture for your personal items such as creams or colognes or accessories such as hats, scarves, bags, that is, to store the personal things that you usually use daily and combine it with other decorative objects such as be plants or sheets. This way you will be able to give a personal and practical touch to the room.


(via Macarena Gea )


* In the office: you can place a shelf behind or next to the table, depending on the space you have in the room. Use a light shelf or one with a touch of color to help motivate you. Better not to have the typical dark office bookshelf. Use storage boxes and filing cabinets to maintain order.

office shelving

* Divide spaces: shelves are also ideal for separating spaces. Delimiting areas of the house, as if it were a partition. To do this, it is better to place a shelf with shelves so that light can pass through.



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