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A cozy home studio

If you are an entrepreneur or a cool mom who works from home, this is your post. Today we bring you a lot of inspiration to decorate your studio . With a Nordic and functional style to make it the most comfortable and inspiring to work from home. It is important that the space has light and remember that white always generates the effect of more spaciousness, this will keep you from getting overwhelmed. Try to have as little as possible, a desk , a planner and a computer, it is more than enough. Decorate with poster board, cork, or a wire mesh rack to hang photos that inspire you. And to give it a cozy touch, add plants and a rug . Below we show you several images so you can get inspired. We hope you like!!



Morris Desk by Slowdeco // Photo by @jhoannarola



macarena gea

Photo by @macarenagea


office desk


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