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Sustainable Commitment

When the idea for SLOWDECO started to take shape, we knew it was going to be a sustainable brand. From the beginning we have wanted to highlight what is done around us, nearby, recovering part of the work of carpentry shops that have been creating furniture for years after several family generations.

Thus, we recover a more conscious way of consuming in which, as a customer, you know that the products you buy have been created by carpentry shops in Valencia and surrounding areas, using certified wood.

Our long-term commitment is based on the design of modular furniture that you can use differently in the future. If today you are buying a piece of furniture because it fits in your current home, you can add or reconfigure the piece of furniture to adapt it to your new home, which is why we rely on timeless, durable and, above all, versatile modular designs.

Carpentry suppliers

The path to achieving our objectives begins with the search for suppliers that share our same philosophy. Over time we have created a wide network of local carpentry shops and suppliers that we value, since they are the ones who make each piece and each piece of furniture. our modular systems that you see on this page:

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