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I'm looking for easy-to-assemble furniture.

What makes us different What furniture is it?

I need a modular shelving unit that takes up very little space.

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I want a calmly considered purchase

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Sustainable furniture for life

Transmit calm to your home with furniture made of wood and in carpentry shops in Valencia







Dear Planet:

We get serious, because the planet we are going to leave for our daughter matters to us! When our idea started to take shape, we knew it was going to be a sustainable brand. From the beginning we have opted for local production, with close suppliers, we want to recover a more conscious way of consuming in which, as a customer, you know that the furniture you buy has been manufactured in carpentry shops in Valencia and surrounding areas.

Sustainable Commitment

Furniture that takes care of the planet

Slowdeco Modular Systems

Being able to buy only the modules you need and expand the furniture over time is a more sustainable option, avoiding waste and promoting a responsible consumption mentality.

TV furniture and sideboards in color

Nolla System


White and pine shelves

Liure System


Natural TV cabinet

Penxat System


Natural Shelves

Cosit System


About us?

Slowdeco began with the idea of ​​making furniture with a Mediterranean and artisanal essence. Alicia, an interior designer, decided together with her partner Pablo, to look for carpenters who could make their designs, with a clear idea, everything had to be made close to home, in Valencia.

Over the years we have expanded the equipment and carpentry shops we work with, up to what you see in the store. Having the carpentry shops nearby means that we can take care of all the details and ensure that your furniture goes from the carpentry shop to your home.

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