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Nolla Modular System

A modular system that offers infinite possibilities of colors and configurations, inspired by the creativity and versatility of the Nolla mosaic.

A single module made in Valencia, a single piece of furniture with multiple variants. This flexibility allows you to optimize your space and create unique compositions, from shelves with storage to television furniture and coffee tables.

What really sets the furniture apart is the freedom to experiment and customize your space in a way that a standard piece of furniture doesn't allow . Like the ceramic pieces of a mosaic, each composition is hand-lacquered in carpentry shops in Valencia, together with the modularity of the design make the Nolla furniture a sustainable piece of furniture.

The furniture is easy to assemble and disassemble, the union between modules, support and cover is not fixed, allowing you to adapt your configuration at any time.

Nolla in white

A more natural style

If you want a less risky color or you like more natural options, we have the solution, the basic white and natural pine wood that never fails.

You can continue using our configurator to combine different doors and materials on a blank module base.

The configurator has been designed so that you can customize white tables , auxiliary furniture, TV cabinets and sideboards , in a quick and easy way.

Select the size of the furniture and in the configurator follow the steps to personalize Nolla Blanco:

Hand lacquered each module after assembly

Nolla in color

Fun in Design

Gone are the days of settling for generic colors that don't reflect your style and personality.

The variety of colors that we offer will allow you to have fun in the design process of your home. You can create specific patterns or themes, such as a rainbow design in a children's room or a more sober, elegant color scheme in a living room.

Combine modules and colors that suit your style, either by choosing from the 9 sample colors that you have within each product or by completely customizing, choosing a color from the RAL chart in the contact form.

In 10 days we have it manufactured! Select the size of the furniture from those we offer and choose the color:

Questions you may have about the NOLLA system:

Your time is money and that is why each module is sent partially assembled , you just have to follow a few simple steps for placing and assembling the doors, depending on the opening direction you prefer.

Very simple, the modules measure 50cm wide, for a 2 meter gap for example you will have the space to place up to four modules in series. The height of the module is 40cm without legs, when you go to buy it, we give you all the options, it will be easy!

All the modules have an interior shelf that you can remove and place as you wish, so you can safely fit the "iaia" vase.

Muestrario Cosit Slowdeco

The modules are made of DM wood and lacquered in white or color after assembly, achieving a clean base module, without joints, treated natural pine wood, and natural grids! You are going to love this material!!

The drawers are lined with gray textile laminate, on a particle board base. Supported on hidden guides, both drawers and doors, with a button to activate the opening.

Yes, you can add or change your composition as suits you, if you have moved house and want to make your TV cabinet longer, simply choose the new modules and add them to the composition you had both horizontally and vertically.

Nolla modules in any color have a shipping time of 10 days. We try to indicate a delivery estimate for each product. If you have any questions about how long the order would take, you can ask us a question prior to purchasing.

100% customization

Fill out the following form and within 24 hours we will respond and help you with your personalized Nolla furniture, the services we can do with the furniture:

  • Customization in 213 RAL colors
  • We help you with the total measurements of the furniture for your space.
  • We offer you the best combination of doors for your furniture.

NOTE: the module measurements are not modified

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