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Cosit Modular System

Shelving with straight lines, built with modules that can be stacked together. With a minimalist design, this product offers you the possibility to choose between three natural wood color options so that it blends perfectly into your home.

The COSIT modular system was born from the work carried out in the Ángel carpentry shop in Valencia, using natural ash wood as part of our commitment to the environment and responsible consumption.

Make it as big as you want

Create the perfect custom shelving with our versatile modules, designed to fit your space and your home. The shelf rests directly on the floor with levelers.


-Measurements: A single module measurement of 80cm long, 40cm high and 33cm deep.

-Color: Three tones of wood, Nordic, Oak or Walnut. Order your samples here

-Accessory: Filing cabinet with removable drawer. Cream lacquered

Choose the size of the shelf

Select the product with the number of modules that best suits your home, within the product, choose between the different color options. Once you have them at home, place them however you like, move them around and create the best combination.

Questions you may have about the COSIT system

Yes, we have samples of the three colors, to do so you must complete the order through the following link.

It has a total cost of €9.90 with shipping that is deducted from the order if you finally decide to complete the purchase of the furniture.

You must complete the purchase of the samples indicating your shipping address and when you decide on the color, tell us by email and we will tell you how to complete the purchase.

This piece of furniture has each module assembled in the workshop, you receive each module ready to place at home , you will only have to place the leveling spacers to the modules that are in contact with the floor and screw one module to another with some metal pieces that we attach

Muestrario Cosit Slowdeco

We have designed a piece of furniture that is as natural and simple as possible, we have used natural ash veneer, in three different finishes: Nordic, Oak and Walnut. With a natural feel and great resistance.

The shelf and the asymmetrical back are curved at the corners and are thinner, to give less aesthetic weight to the whole.

Very simple, the modules measure 80cm wide and 40cm high, and you can obtain furniture with a multiple of this measurement.

The depth of the shelf is 33cm.

Yes, you can add or change your composition as suits you, if you have moved house and want to make your shelf larger, you must contact us to configure the new purchase.

Our personalized products have the same shipping time as if you buy a composition from another collection.

Shipping time 10 to 12 days

Design Service

Are you not sure which composition suits your space? or you simply don't know which combination of modules would suit you best, fill out this form and in 24-48 hours we will respond and help you with your furniture.

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