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10 Tips for small apartments

Small apartments have their good things, like you don't accumulate unnecessary things, you have everything organized because if it doesn't turn out to be chaos and the apartment seems smaller, everything is cleaner, it's more economical and you learn to take advantage of every corner. In addition to all that, today we are going to tell you 15 tips so that your small apartment looks beautiful and takes advantage of every square centimeter.


1. We need the doors but we can play with them, you can put them sliding so as not to take up space, paint them the same color as the wall, or cover them with a mirror to gain a feeling of spaciousness.

2. Take down all possible walls in the house and replace them with windows, shelves , curtains or auxiliary furniture that help you separate space and create routes.


3. Multifunctional furniture . As storage furniture , which helps you maintain order and you can place the TV and at the same time is practical and decorative.

TV cabinet

4. XXL sofa , preferably large, leaning against the wall or better in a corner, always looking at the entire room.

5. ALWAYS White . Because it is luminous and reflects light.

6. The light floor makes the space look larger. And if you have it dark and you can't change it, play with light rugs, with soft and neutral tones.

7. Simple always works. Basic and large furniture (because many small ones take up more space than one large one).

8. A comfortable but simple study area . Ashelf on the wall, a 50cm deep desk and drawers will be more than enough.

Anna chair

9. Take advantage of the walls to place shelves that help you organize and decorate.


10. In the hall , opt for a nice piece of furniture and a mirror so you can touch up before leaving the house.



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