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The most efficient materials for renovating your house

Did you know that depending on the materials you use for your home you can save money on your electricity bill? In this article we explain what they are and how to reduce the cost on your electricity bill by changing the rate.

Cheaper electricity companies?

More and more people are concerned about energy savings due to the high price of signing up for electricity and monthly bills. As published in a report by the consumer association Facua, the price of electricity has increased more than 70% in recent years, resulting in the Spanish bill being one of the most expensive in Europe, being only behind Ireland and Belgium.

That is why it is very important to have a house with good thermal insulation, but it is also important to choose the rate that best suits us. Thanks to electricity comparators we can find the cheapest electricity companies on the market. These tools compare the energy rates of the different electricity companies to be able to more easily see which ones are the most economical.

On the other hand, do not forget that it is very important to choose the appropriate electrical power when turning on the electricity, since this will affect the price of the fixed part of your bill.

Efficient materials

If you are going to renovate your house, it is worth using more efficient materials that allow you to reduce energy costs. Furthermore, they should also be environmentally sustainable. In this way, they should not be polluting materials, neither during their production nor during their useful life. They should come from renewable sources and be locally sourced, recycled and recyclable. On the other hand, they should allow them to last a long time and, most importantly, help consume little energy, and to do so they must be efficient. What materials are we talking about?

  • Wood is one of the most sustainable and useful efficient materials for construction and renovation of homes, and it can be used as a structural material but also for furniture. If it comes from controlled forests, it can be considered an ecological material since its production is renewable.
  • Cork: it is a natural insulating material. Let us remember that thanks to thermal insulation we can keep the heat generated inside the house, and cork is ideal for this purpose. Furthermore, it does not contain any toxic or harmful products for the environment. Its low conductivity and long life make cork optimal for home renovation and energy efficiency.
  • Cellulose: a material that is produced from recycled paper or newspaper waste, it is also ideal for thermal insulation, in addition to being sustainable and renewable.

If you want to know more about energy saving, do not hesitate to consult the following article on gestures you can do in your daily life to consume less energy.


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