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3 Desks to renovate your home in September. Which one will you choose?

Yes, yes, on vacation it is very good, but nowhere is it like home. It's been more than a week since September began and we are full of the return to routine and new resolutions. Today we show you the three models of Desks that we have at Slowdeco. Although they are designed to be in your home and not disrupt the decoration, the three designs are fully compatible to have in the office (even if it is not the typical office desk). It is clear that the more beautiful, orderly and functional your environment is, the more productive or creative you will be.
We started with the Morris Desk , it was the first one we designed, adapting the design of the Natt Coffee Table . It is cozy because of the pine wood details it has. It's also easy to assemble , you just have to screw on the legs (2 minutes) and you're done! It is still the most liked model. Below you can see different images of the clients who have shared their work area.



We continue with the Essential Desk . With this model we wanted to combine the iron structure with a piece that had completely straight and simple lines. "Less is more" . It is a light desk for a study with Nordic style. . On its shelf you can place a print, a vase with flowers or your desk accessories. Also at the bottom we liked that there was that space to be able to decorate it with a basket full of flowers, a large photo frame or boxes to store whatever you need to have on hand. This model is available in several colors: white, coral, mint, yellow and black .

When we start designing a product we always like to think of various possibilities that you can give to a piece. Thus was born the latest model, the Fierro Desk , which shares the same metal structure but with a narrow base for small spaces . Plus, if you turn it around, you can turn it into a console for your hallway. The Fierro desk is large enough for those who work with few things, such as a computer or a pencil and a sheet of paper. Now available in white and wood. Desks that have a metal structure are also easy to assemble. It has a system that couples the base with the structure. (Less than 2 minutes).
Do you work from home? Are you back to the routine yet? Which one do you prefer?


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