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5 tips to start September on the right foot

Well, September has already started. It seems like a bit of a downturn because of getting up early again and getting back to the routine . But it is also a month to wipe the slate clean. So it can be a month to set new goals for yourself, like loving yourself more and taking your time. To do this, we are going to give you some ideas or things to have a new routine and start September on the right foot.

1. Get up early with yoga
Start the morning with an easy yoga routine , such as sun salutation , you just have to count that it will take you 5 minutes. A piece of advice: if you repeat it for three weeks it will become a habit, like something automatic.


2. Paint your lips
Each one as she wants red, pink, brown... The color that suits you the most. But it's a tip that, at least for me, makes me look much better. Whoever says paint your lips, says a little rouge. Look for that makeup product that illuminates your face .

3. Prepare your clothes at night
It is important to organize yourself down to the outfit you are going to wear the next day. This way in the morning you will go much faster and more determined. And you won't get angry because you don't know what to wear.
4. Get organized with Stationery, the old-fashioned way
To do this you need an agenda or a notebook to write down all the tasks you have to do. It is easier to write down and then cross out as you do them. In addition to the rush that comes from seeing that you have completed the entire list.
Charuca Agenda
5. Decorate your workspace
In an older post we told you the reasons to keep your workspace in order . But in addition to being tidy, it is better if it is pretty. Decorate it with flowers, desk accessories, prints with positive messages... May your workspace inspire you .


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