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Tell me what you are like and I'll tell you what nightstand you need

You are one of those who read in bed, one of those who keeps secrets, you are a classic person, you like the vintage or minimalist style. Before choosing a nightstand you have to take into account the space you have, what do you need it for? What are your habits before going to bed? Nightstands have become like a personal assistant. They are responsible for providing us with a good rest, because it is important that we keep in mind that the bedroom is the room that should invite us to relax, so it must be the room that we can keep in order without problems.

Floor level nightstand
They are ideal for book lovers since their low height will allow us to leave the books without them getting in our way.

small table


Side table
It is usually the most common. Since it usually stays at the same height as the mattress or a little above. They are functional, on the top you can use it to leave your cell phone or a glass of water (if you are one of those who needs to drink in the middle of the night). And in its drawers you can leave your most personal items.

bedside table


Chairs or stools as nightstands
If you are one of those who need nothing or almost nothing or have little space, this option is yours. They lighten the space, you can use the backrest to hang your bag or a blanket. And the seat to leave your cell phone or the book you are reading at the moment with a lamp.



Dressers as nightstands
These pieces of furniture are already larger and you can use them to store clothes. But the height should be the same as the mattress or a little more, so you can leave the things you want to have on hand.

chest of drawers


Desk as a nightstand

If you are one of those creative people, inspiration comes to you in bed. You need a desk in your bedroom.




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