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4 things that cannot be missing in your house to make it a home

Does your house speak about you? Today we give you 4 tips to personalize your home. Whether yours or rented, your house can become a home that reflects your personality.

1. On the ground

Rugs provide a feeling of warmth. Placing a rug makes the house look more lived-in. There are many models, below I show you 3 different styles and you choose which one you feel most identified with.


Zara home kilim rug

jute rug

Jute rug La redoute

wool rug

HM home wool rug

2. On the roof

A hanging lamp on the dining table that reflects your personality. Let it be an original point of light but at the same time create a cozy, warm and soft atmosphere.

You can also use other auxiliary lamps to create different spaces in your house.

3. Storage

It is important to have a tidy house because the feeling of order gives happiness and balance, in a home it is essential. For this you need auxiliary furniture to help you. At this point, we must look at aesthetics but also functionality. A piece of furniture that appeals to us aesthetically but has storage space to store what we don't want to have in the way. Furthermore, this furniture allows you to decorate the space, showing personal objects that speak about you, such as: prints, plants, books, vases...

Nature auxiliary furniture

4. Personal belongings

Hanging objects on the walls that mean something to you is important to make your house unique and become your home. Anything goes here, objects that you have found on a day outing in nature, family textiles, photographs, sculptures, paintings, hats... It is essential for your house to come to life.

Give those objects and pieces a special place in your home, on a table, shelf or wall, they will take on a completely new meaning.


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