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How to set up a home office to work

With the arrival of teleworking and some companies already beginning to apply work-life balance policies, we need to have a home office to be able to do our work. To do this we need a productive, comfortable environment that does not clash with the rest of the decoration of the house . Projects flow much better if you surround yourself with beautiful things! And to make doing so as easy as possible, we are going to give you some tips that you should take into account when setting up your home studio .
1. Choose the perfect place without distractions
To work you need concentration, avoid traffic areas and the most frequented rooms in your house. Although it will depend on the space you have and what you need to do your work. You can place it in a room, in a corner of the living room or even in the bedroom. Find the place you like to motivate yourself.
2. Light is essential
Once you have chosen the place, keep in mind that it has light. Place the desk next to the window. And the best option is to place it on the side or front, and never on the back.
3. Choose colors that invite concentration
Neutral and warm colors are perfect for creating a calm atmosphere. They are colors that will help you not to be distracted and focus on your work.
4. The desktop
Choose a desk that fits your space and allows you to accomplish your tasks. Made of wood, they are perfect for creating a warm atmosphere. And on the other hand, if you choose a metal piece, you provide a degree of modernity and the space is lighter.
Photo by @brookandpeony
With our Scandinavian style iron desk you will get a functional workspace due to its size, it is perfect for small spaces. The iron desk has the size you were looking for to be alone with your PC or Mac.
5. The chair
The desk is just as important as the chair. You will have to take into account whether fixed or mobile legs, with or without armrests and the height of the backrest.
6. Auxiliary furniture
To finish setting up your home office. If you need to store books, file cabinets, office supplies... Whether the space you have chosen is large or small, opt for an auxiliary piece of furniture to store what you need.


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