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5 Basics for your home

Today we are going to talk about the basics you need for your home. The basics are those that are essential that you need , that always look good and most importantly, that make your home more comfortable and more beautiful for you. Because the important thing is to enjoy your home and leave stress outside the home.

We are going to tell you what those basics are (it is clear that each person has their own). We are going to divide it by rooms:

Hallway.- Coat rack. Basic for leaving the jacket, bag, scarf.... The feeling of leaving all the weight you have carried during the day. It's great!!

coat rack

coat rack

Living room.- Storage Furniture . Basic for storing dishes, books, blankets... Everything we need at the moment. If you have company, you take out the dishes or if you are alone you can grab a blanket and read a good book. And once you finish, go back to the site. “Order brings happiness” that's what Marie Kondo says, who knows a little about order.




Kitchen.- The kitchen has become the heart of the home, it is where we meet and chat while we cook. Therefore, the essential thing is to have containers so you can have the utensils you need on hand.



Children's room.- Here I think almost all mothers will agree that a trunk is essential for the little ones to store their toys.
children's room
Bedroom.- For us we only need a bed and a nightstand (if you share a bed, then a nightstand for each one). The bedroom is a space to rest and disconnect. The nightstand is essential to be able to keep your underwear and a book at hand (it is better to leave your cell phone far away to be able to disconnect).
bedside table
In addition to this furniture, the essential objects to make it a home are: frames with photographs, plants, special objects for you... Those small details that make a house become a home.

What are your basics?


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