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Storage: Slow Closet

The Holidays have been over for a little while and we have to think about changing our Summer clothes for Fall clothes . I know that many of you are lazy, so I have thought of a few simple steps to make it easier. This change is the perfect time to clean up and reflect on what we really need for the new stage.


First step is to decide when to do it? I usually do it in a single day, I think it is more efficient that way and I also love feeling that satisfaction of everything being organized and finished. Once day X arrives, what I do is take everything out of the closet. I start with the clothes: pants, sweaters, t-shirts, dresses... And I classify them by item. And at the same time, I'm discarding everything that I think I'm not going to wear this season. The questions I ask myself are: does it feel good to me? How many times did I wear it last season? Is it in good condition? What if this year the style of the garment suits me?


Outfit for Autumn

Once I have made the selection of garments (the ones I keep), the ones I discard I put in bags to donate. I usually organize t-shirts, sweaters or shirts (tops) by color. T-shirts or jerseys go in the drawer and it helps me a lot to have dividers, to see the classification well. On the other hand, I classify the pants by color, by utility (for example: pants to go to work or dress pants or jeans). Same with skirts, dresses and accessories. Once the process is finished, I begin to place it inside the closet and that is exactly the moment where I try to make the closet look as if it were a color palette. Because this way it is much easier for me when choosing what I want to wear.


Nina Holst dressing room

wardrobe clothes


Over the years I have learned that each time I choose to buy basic garments with neutral tones, white, black, beige, blue.... And of course, from time to time I opt for a garment that goes out of color. My favorite color is red and sailor stripes (they always look good). I also believe that “less is always more”. That is why it is important to get rid of the clothes that you no longer use, for me it is the most important step of all. I think it's also a way to say goodbye to a part of you. I hope the post has been useful and encourages you to start the process of change. Remember that order gives happiness.



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