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Slow Plan: Go for mushrooms

From now on in the blog we will talk about different plans depending on the season. We start with the mushroom season, it seems like an ideal plan to spend with friends or family and enjoy a day in the countryside. We are going to tell you what you need to collect mushrooms.

First we have to find out about the area where we can go to pick mushrooms, in this link you can see it and how to get a permit to do so.

We also need a wicker basket, no plastic bags. With a basket, as it is full of holes and openings, the spores fall and, as we move, we "sow" them, thereby guaranteeing that their existence will survive and continue to delight us each autumn. And you will also need a small straight edge knife.

Before going out into the field, find out about the types of mushrooms, if an expert can accompany you better.

Group outings are also organized in many places.

After the group outing, you can cook them, here is a recipe from Food and Cook by Trotamundos .

Because there is nothing like enjoying a good meal with good company.

Enjoy the little moments!


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