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Our history

It all started with a design for a nightstand , the one you see in the image, looking for a carpenter who could make it, that's how we met Santiago, a lifelong carpenter who trusted us. Now that he has retired, we continue working with his son who makes several models of furniture for us. Little by little we grew and expanded the catalog to what you can see in our store. We continue to be a family store, owned by two entrepreneurs who, with the help of carpentry, have made their dreams come true.

That makes us different?

Young team, we offer you contact and personalized attention

Local production , we believe in sustainability

Simple, functional and above all versatile design , we like that the same piece can be converted into different pieces of furniture.

We value your time, we always think that the furniture can be fully assembled or minimal assembly

Natural materials , such as natural pine wood or braided fibers

We produce limited stocks , it allows us not to throw away furniture, it is a more sustainable way of producing, with the advantage of maintaining fast shipping

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