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How to get more space in a small house with functional furniture

If you live in a city, you probably don't live in a mansion and like us you live in a small apartment where every square centimeter counts. That is why we have to find solutions so that the house adapts to the real day-to-day needs that we need within our routines. In today's post we are going to tell you how to optimize space and gain a feeling of spaciousness.

1. Don't fill your house with decorative objects, don't overload it with thousands of junk or figurines, which are useless. Only decorate with what really excites you. Less is more and the more free space your home has, the larger it will seem.



2. Save space with shelves and sideboards. They are a very practical storage solution. In addition, sideboards can be versatile because you can use them as a TV cabinet and at the same time you can store everything you need so as not to have anything in the middle of the living room. Of course, order helps the space also seem larger.

grid furniture



3. As for the furniture, if it has legs it is better, it makes us visually see the floor, which will give us a feeling of spaciousness.

TV cabinet

4. On the other hand, the furniture must have the appropriate proportion to the space. You have to leave free space and that the house has its routes, if you make a flat one, it will help you take the proportions into account.


via Kate.lavie

5. Things you don't use, it's better not to have them, they tend to be a hindrance.

6. It is important not to fill the house with furniture, only what is necessary. To create a clean and harmonious environment. And always taking into account the needs you have. If you need a space to work, for example, you can create an ideal corner with a desk under a window.


Via mumandhome

7. Choose furniture that is useful and decorative at the same time. Like this console, perfect for the entrance, where you can leave your daily things and you can place some boxes or wicker baskets at the bottom and it becomes another storage space.



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