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Order in the living room, kitchen and bathroom

With the arrival of Spring just around the corner, it is time to organize your house and find more space than you thought, with order you will be able to multiply the space in your house. Having the house tidy is almost becoming an obsession to be like Marie Kondo . What Marie has taught us is that we usually have too many things and that is why it is difficult to maintain order. It doesn't matter if the house is big or small. Raise your hand if you don't have a "junk" room? That's why to start you have to get rid of what you don't use. Surely you still keep toys that your child no longer uses, papers that are no longer useful or let's not talk about clothes and shoes that we no longer wear. It is clear that sometimes it is difficult for us to throw things away, because of the money we have spent. But it's not about throwing them away, it's about donating or recycling them. This way you make a great gesture and you don't have that feeling of guilt and at the same time you are gaining space for the things that you really use and like. It is also a way to find balance in your life. In this post we are going to teach you how to organize three important rooms in the house: the living room, the kitchen and the bathroom.
1. A tidy living room forever
To start, there has to be just enough in the living room. Don't fill the living room with small furniture that only serves to decorate. Get functional furniture, for example, a piece of furniture with storage is a great help to keep the space free of clutter and is perfect for placing the TV with its stand or hanging. And it is very useful if the furniture has drawers or doors to collect or store what you need and it remains hidden. Use low-cost dividers to maintain order within the furniture.

TV cabinet

Depending on the dimensions of your living room, if it is large you can combine the TV cabinet with a sideboard , as support to maintain order. And if it is small, a bookshelf-bookcase can also be a good resource, it is visually lighter, but yes, you must maintain harmony with the objects and books that you put on it. To achieve this, boxes or baskets can be good allies. A formula that does not fail: 60% Books - 30% Empty - 10% Decorative objects


Photo via @honeywild


Ferro Shelving

Thecoffee or auxiliary tables also depend on the size of the living room. Clearly, if it is small, better a small side table to put next to the sofa and leave free space, you can decorate it with a plant and it is perfect for leaving the remote control. If it is large and you have space, a coffee table where you can also store things.
If you like plants, so that it doesn't create a mess, it is better to put them all together and in a corner.


2. Recipe from the organized kitchen
Organization is another ingredient, without organization the kitchen becomes a disaster. We have already seen it in Master Chef. First think about your kitchen habits to know where you need to have pots, utensils and food on hand. Second, look for storage inside the drawers and cabinets and on the shelves so that your kitchen shines because of how beautiful and organized it is. And since a picture is worth a thousand words, we have created a Pinterest Board "ORDER A LO MARIE" . Once ordered, you can start practicing for the next master chef casting.


3. A bathroom like Marie's
You have to set a goal: Not having to clean the bathroom every day after showering. That is the GOAL. Don't worry, we'll tell you how. Classify into baskets, jars, dividers, toiletries.... Choose what type of container is appropriate for your products. Only leave visible what you use daily. And everything else in drawers and shelves.
- Only leave hand soap, toothbrush and toothpaste on the sink counter. In a basket or decorative box, daily facial hygiene products and another for makeup. Although if you have a drawer, these baskets with these products are better left inside. If we can clear the wash, the better.
- The sink cabinet, perfect for storing rolled towels, takes up less space.
- Shelves for products that you do not use daily, classified in baskets or boxes. The shelf can also become an element of decoration, if you manage to keep it in order, you can place a plant, which gives life to the bathroom.
- If you have closets, use them for things you don't use daily.
- In the bathtub or shower, only the products you use daily, do not accumulate.





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