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The keys to a functional hall

The hall is the first room we find when we arrive home. For us, above all, it must be practical and must meet your needs.

For those people who carry a jacket, scarf, bag, computer backpack... you will need a coat rack or hangers.

If you are one of those people who needs to empty your pockets, it will be very useful to have a small box or empty pocket to leave everything. And of course for this you need to have a console or a sideboard .

Or lastly, if you like to take off your shoes and put on your slippers when you get home, you will need a shoe rack or a small closet.

And here's the question, what kind of people are you? This is the question you have to ask yourself before decorating your hall .

Once you have the answer, you must take into account the space you have. For example, if it is narrow, a console measuring approximately 40cm wide is enough to store keys and mail. You can place a coat rack on the wall to store your jacket or bag. And you can always give it a touch of green, with a plant or vase of flowers.



Fierro Nature Console

On the other hand, if the space you have is wider, you can place a sideboard or shoe rack. It will be very useful for storing everything you need, it will be ideal for maintaining order. Because there are never enough closets. Furthermore, from the entrance you will already have a feeling of order and not chaos.

If you are lucky enough that your hall connects with another room, it will help make your hall larger. To help you and create the feeling of being larger, a mirror is a good ally.

receiverfurniture Hall

furniture Hallfurniture Hall

Furniture Hall

We hope this post is helpful and as we always say "Leave stress outside the home"


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