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Ideas for a Nordic style work area at home

Many of us work from home and need a work area there. It is clear that now is vacation time and less work. But these months are so good to organize and re-decorate the house. Today we are going to give you some ideas so that you can decorate your work area and have it ready for September so now you can take advantage of our sales ;)

1. Use neutral colors like white or gray. They are colors that enhance lighting.

2. Use accessories to give your space that personality that characterizes you. Accessories such as vases, prints, mirrors ... those objects that speak about you and inspire you.

3. Wood cannot be missing, on the floor or in the furniture . Add texture and warmth to your work area.

4. Functionality first and foremost. Furniture with straight lines is essential to have a simple and simple space, to make it as practical as possible.

5. A touch of vegetation to provide fresh air.

One tip is to have your work area at home in a room that you feel comfortable with. In the living room, if you have space, it can be a good place. Or in the bedroom if you are one of those people who is constantly having ideas in your head.

Below we leave you with some images that can serve as inspiration for you to create your workspace.






Do you work at home or disconnect? Do you dare to create your work area at home?


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