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What to do at home during the summer

There are many of us who stay at home and do not have an idyllic influencer vacation . But it doesn't matter, everything in this life is attitude. That's why we propose "slow" plans so you can enjoy your home this Summer and you can disconnect and relax at home (a beach is not necessary).


- Homemade popsicles

- Watch a movie or series that all your friends have recommended to you

- Put on the tour to take a nap


- Leave your cell phone and disconnect

- Move the furniture around and make your house look different

- Call those friends you haven't been able to see this year and prepare a dinner with margaritas to catch up. Decorate your house with festival lights and a fan on full blast, as if you were in a beach bar.

- Play music! Dance to that song that makes you jump non-stop through all the rooms of your house.

- Renew your home in a natural style to enjoy relaxed spaces. We tell you the keys in this post .

- Chalk paint is the "low cost" solution to give another look to your furniture. Here you can see ideas and how to do it. It is also a good plan if you are a handyman.

Comment on the post and share your favorite plan when you stay at home


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