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How to decorate a small hall

Size does not matter and even if your hall is small, you can get a lot of use out of it. Don't worry, below we are going to give you some little tips. Aim!

small shelf

Essential for your hall

1. Shelf, console or auxiliary furniture

A main piece that predominates in the hall . Help you keep the things you use every day in order. A shelf or a console can be a good solution because they are visually light furniture and on their shelves you can leave your things, such as keys, cell phone, letters... you can also use it as a shoe rack .

shoe rack shelf

And if you are lucky enough to have a slightly larger hall, an auxiliary piece of furniture with storage is a good idea. Because in addition to leaving your daily things, you can also store other things. It's always good to have room to store.


2. Vases or baskets

Vases to decorate the furniture or shelf that you decide to put in your hall. Place dried flowers such as eucalyptus, to give that natural and green touch to the entrance of your house.

There are never enough baskets at home. In the hall you can use it to store your house slippers.


3. Coat rack or wooden ladder

A basic for the hall is to have a coat rack to store coats, jackets, scarves, hats... And if you want to be more original and not have the typical coat rack, a wooden ladder is ideal for this space.

wooden stairs

4. Bench or stool

Benches and stools have also become basic because we have become accustomed to changing the shoes we use on the street for home slippers when we get home. And with a bench or stool we can do it more comfortably if we have it at the entrance of the house.



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