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6 Sustainable Decoration Ideas

Every day we are more committed to being sustainable when purchasing a product, such as local food or clothing made with environmentally friendly materials. Therefore, today we are going to give you tips to apply this philosophy of life in decoration.

1. Live in the middle of nature


Surround yourself with plants. Sanseviera , aloe vera or spathiphyllum are species that oxygenate the environment, they will help you breathe better.

2. Natural fibers for the whole year

rattan furniture

We generally associate furniture with natural fibers with summer, but in addition to being a trend in decoration, we see more and more homes that opt ​​for furniture made of mesh. And they create a very natural environment and provide warmth.

3. Dare with green

green wall

Paint a wall in the living room or your bedroom. It is a relaxing color that will help you create a calm environment .

4. Every drop of water matters

Change the faucet for one that reduces consumption. It's a small gesture that can turn into a big result.

5. Sustainable wood

Choose furniture made from wood that is FSC certified (a label that guarantees responsible forestry and better living conditions for the local population).

6. Furniture km0

Closeness also counts. If the furniture is made in China, its transportation contaminates. Bet on furniture made in Spain.


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