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How to decorate a small living room

Nowadays apartments in cities usually have between 80 or 90 square meters, therefore, having a small living room is very common and we have to take every centimeter into account. With a few small tips, your living room can appear larger than it is, if you choose the right furniture.

1. The small sofa

The sofa is the protagonist of the living room. Choose one that is light, without a high back or thick arms. Better if it has legs for air flow. And you can add a bean bag to raise your feet and make it comfortable for you.

2. Small round tables

The table you put in front of the sofa that is lower than the sofa. The round shape visually helps with a more fluid ride. If it has wheels you can move it around, and also put it next to the sofa.

Round side table

3. A large rug

Bigger than the length of the sofa. It tricks the eye and makes your living room look bigger.

4. Multifunctional and low furniture

Choose furniture with double function. For example, furniture with storage and that you can place the TV on top of or decorate it however you want. Better low to make the ceiling appear higher.

5. A mirror that is not missing

Mirrors always work to give a feeling of more air and space.


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