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How to have a natural style bedroom (and help you sleep better)

The bedroom may be one of the rooms that we have been renovating after confinement. Since sometimes we need this room for when the living room is occupied by other family members and we need the bedroom to read, watch a movie on the tablet or work.

For this reason, we need a pleasant and cozy bedroom that, in addition to sleeping, serves to relax. Let the bedroom become that refuge to be alone.

In today's post we show you what your bedroom must have to achieve a natural style that conveys calm.

1. Use bedding made from natural fabrics , such as linen, cotton or silk. If possible, neutral colors or soft prints.

Zara Home

Hm Home

2. Headboards made of natural fibers or linen are perfect for creating a natural environment.

SLOWDECO mesh headboard

Zara Home

3. Simplenightstands that do not overload the room. In white, wood, mesh or hanging.

4. If you want to sleep well, you need order in the room. To do this, use baskets that help you maintain order. You can use them for dirty clothes or to store books (if you are one of those who read in bed) or for blankets or cushions...

EMMA basket

5. Illuminate the room with cozy light. You can have a central lamp that is located in the center of the room or a light point on each nightstand.

CELIA lamp

INES lamp


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