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How to renovate your house to be happy?

Your home has to become a place where you feel like you are yourself. A space where you feel at ease, comfortable and relaxed. The pleasure of coming home and having it be your refuge without filters. The way we decorate influences our feelings, therefore, you always have to see yourself reflected in the decoration style you choose. Photos, prints, furniture, chairs or a rug... surround yourself with beautiful things (and that you like) that speak about you, about who you are. This way your house will help you connect with yourself and make you happy.

And how to start doing it? Today we give you some tips to renovate your house to be happy.

1. Move the furniture around and change the layout . Always oriented towards the light, if possible. The light causes a feeling of balance.


2. A touch of Bordeaux color combined with wood. It's very cozy! Provides warmth.

3. Order is nice! Use sideboards or auxiliary furniture to achieve this. Get rid of things you no longer use. Happiness is in order, as our dear Marie Kondo says.

Photo by @amparo_lasnubes

4. A nice entrance to leave stress outside the home . You will see that there will be nothing better than getting home...

5. Don't forget to have a space for yourself . Create a corner where you are free of distractions and with neutral colors. Differentiating the work area is essential for concentration .


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