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How to have a house with a Scandinavian style

One of the things we like most about the cold is that we feel like staying home curled up with a blanket and watching a movie. Today we are going to tell you how to achieve a cozy atmosphere with a Scandinavian style .

The Scandinavian style is perfect for creating a warm atmosphere and not wanting to leave home. For the simplicity, for the color palette they use, for the designs of their functional furniture, for their bright spaces... All of this reflects their philosophy of life ¨lagom¨ .

Next, so that your house becomes a refuge with Nordic air, we are going to tell you 6 decoration ideas, that once you enter home you will believe that you are in Copenhagen.

1. Wooden floor
Scandinavian style houses usually have natural wood floors. Although now there are laminate floors that perfectly imitate wood. Of course, to have that Nordic essence, the floor must have a bleached tone and any knots or imperfections in the wood should be noticeable. Normally placed in continuity in all rooms, except in the bathrooms.
scandinavian style
scandinavian style
2. White or beige walls
For them it is a requirement since they have few hours of light. But it is clear that white walls or walls with beige tones favor the visually spacious feeling of the space and the luminosity it brings to the house.
3. Neutral tones
Scandinavian interiors stand out for their neutral color palette. Grey, black, blue, green or earth colors are usually the most used. They are colors that when decorating, make the space cleaner and simpler. They are also colors that invite relaxation at home.
scandinavian style
4. Frames, prints and photos
It is the decorative accessory preferred by Scandinavians. Create your composition on that wall that you want to give importance to. In desenio you have an infinite number of models. Another option is not to hang them and leave them on the floor, a sophisticated and alternative touch among Scandinavian decorators.
scandinavian style
scandinavian style
5. Green is not just for outdoors
Plants bring life to Scandinavian interiors. You can see more ideas on our Pinterest board "Be Natural"
scandinavian style
Natural materials such as wood is another of his favorites, due to its cozy and warm character. Of course, above all, the furniture has to be practical, only furniture that helps you organize your home. Straight and light lines are ideal for achieving the effect we are looking for, a more open appearance to the different rooms of our home.
scandinavian style


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