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TV furniture, which one to choose?

Winter is just around the corner. It is the perfect season to enjoy the " sofa, blanket and movie " plan because with how cold it is, there is no place like home. Take the opportunity to watch all the series that have been recommended to you from HBO, Netflix or wherever. For this you need a TV and a TV stand to put it on, of course. Also now that Christmas is approaching, it is time to meet with the family and prepare a movie session with popcorn. Today we are going to show you the different TV furniture according to your needs and style.

Think Blue!
If you want to give it a sparkly touch as @lavecinarubia says, the blue color is ideal because it is elegant and refreshing. Dare with a sailor look.
TV cabinet
blue tv cabinet

Nordic style made in Spain
It is not necessary to buy the TV cabinet in Denmark for it to be Nordic style. The white TV furniture with the wooden top is the perfect combination to create an environment in the purest Nordic style .
white tv cabinet
nordic style tv cabinet
large white tv cabinet

For the Roomba
For those of you who have the Roomba, this is clearly a raised TV cabinet with a structure of lacquered natural wood legs.


Always natural
For a cozy and warm atmosphere, lacquered natural wood is perfect. Add a bouquet of eucalyptus leaves to make your home your refuge.
wooden tv cabinet
wooden tv cabinet

Our TV furniture is modular furniture that you can configure your composition according to the measurements of your wall. The TV cabinet can measure from 1 meter long to whatever you want, always multiples of 50cm.

wooden tv cabinet

All modules have a mobile interior shelf that you can remove or add and an opening at the back to pass cables. If you don't put the structure with wooden legs. Each module includes a set of non-slip pads to place on the base (floor separators). The modules come fully assembled, you just have to fit them with some "wooden biscuits", you can see it in the instructions .



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