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Practice "less is more"

In today's post we give you three reasons why practicing the " less is more " philosophy in your home will help you in your daily life.

1. The feeling of order
In your life you need order and at home too. In each room you only have to have what you use and functional furniture with storage to maintain order. Having the floor as clear as possible makes cleaning easier . And this feeling of order will help you have a clearer mind. Know where things are at all times so as not to waste time looking for them. "Keep only what makes you happy" as Marie Kondo says.
minimalist decoration
minimalist style sideboard
2. Balance
Balance is essential in personal life and at home we can achieve it through the materials we choose to decorate it. Achieve it by combining finishes, colors and shapes. Don't overmix, find the balance that you are comfortable with .
wood decoration
3. Simplify plainly
Choose a color palette that creates a simple and welcoming atmosphere. We recommend white, gray and black with a touch of your favorite color. Of course, all solid colors , no prints. This way you will ensure that there is no stuffy atmosphere and on the contrary you will feel more relaxed . Because when we get home what we need is to disconnect.


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