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How to combine decoration and energy saving?

If you want to know how you can unite the decoration concept and not give up on the possibilities of energy savings, we propose a series of recommendations so that you can promote efficiency within your home without giving up the aesthetic aspect.

Hire an appropriate gas rate to save on heating

Currently, one of the most economical possibilities to heat your home in winter periods is natural gas. It is much more economical than electric radiators, especially for medium or large-sized houses.

There are a large number of natural gas marketers. For example:

Gas Natural Fenosa is one of the most important energy groups in Spain, currently called Naturgy: This does not mean that it is the cheapest gas company. However, there are other  both large and small natural gas marketers, each with its own prices in the catalog and various offers within the free market.

To find out which is the cheapest gas company and with the best conditions in your case, we recommend using an online rate comparator. In this way, you will be able to take into account not only which gas company to choose but also the electricity company, as this online tool also serves this purpose.

You can also check the customer opinions of Gas Natural Fenosa, EDP, Repsol and many other companies online before deciding to hire the company's services.

Decoration tips that reduce energy consumption

  • Use the right textiles :
    Choose the upholstery of your furniture accordingly with the materials that best promote obtaining and preserving an adequate temperature. Always choose natural and breathable materials. For example: avoid synthetic leather as it is very cold in contact with the skin and yet facilitates excessive sweating in hot weather.
  • Vary the type of bedding depending on the season of the year, adapting the thickness of the fabric of the sheets, blankets and duvet fillings to have the best sleeping conditions.



Photo via El Mueble

  • Use low-consumption LED lamps in all rooms of the house: the savings are practically immediate from the first moment and you have many models of light bulbs to provide added value to your home in terms of decoration.
  • Control the access of natural light to your home by using curtains, awnings and blinds to regulate the entry of lighting to take advantage of this natural resource, but avoiding possible overheating of the room in summer due to the direct influence of the sun's rays.


Photo via Mdf Construction

  • Install smart devices to control consumption : such as digital electricity consumption meters, smart thermostats with the possibility of programming, motion sensors with night light, smart appliances with remote control that can be turned on and off remotely...

If you want to know more, we recommend the following article with extra information to decorate your home without giving up energy efficiency.


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