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An auxiliary piece of furniture that decorates and helps you maintain order at home

In your life you need order and at home too. In each room you only have to have what you use and functional furniture with storage to maintain order. Having the floor as clear as possible makes cleaning easier. And this feeling of order will help you have a clearer mind. Know where things are at all times so as not to waste time looking for them. "Keep only what makes you happy" as Marie Kondo says. ⠀

Today we show you how mesh auxiliary furniture can help you maintain order at home and at the same time decorate the room with a natural touch. It looks good in the living room, kitchen or dining room, however you prefer. In it you can store tablecloths, dishes, glassware, bowls... Or other things such as books, papers such as appliance warranties, filing cabinets, storage boxes...

With the idea that it is practical, today we tell you a way of how we would use it in the living room. Inside it has interior shelves that can be removed or inserted , on the left side we have removed it, to be able to place the file cabinet, larger books and in the remaining space it was good for us to place some boxes to store various things. On the right side, we have classified the order by boxes, which in this case, we have saved: photographs, chargers, instructions for appliances and small books.

On the other hand, in the space at the bottom of the furniture you can place wicker baskets to store blankets, cushions or books. And place your favorite objects on top to decorate it. Photo frames, candles, a vase with flowers...



grid furniture

storage furniture


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