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How to wrap Christmas gifts that you'll be embarrassed to open

After spending this Black Friday week, you will need to know how to wrap your gifts in a creative but also economical way. The question you ask yourself is how do I wrap gifts so that they look the way they deserve without spending a lot of money? Well, we have been reviewing the coolest trends for wrapping Christmas gifts on Pinterest and today we bring you the simplest ones, they have three elements in common:

1. Kraft paper, white or black paper

2. Hemp twine or bakery cotton rope

3. A photo or a sticker and a green twig

In the following images you can see examples to inspire you. And more ideas on our Pinterest board "BEAUTIFUL GIFT" .

christmas gifts

For us, this search for how to wrap gifts for Christmas has served to inspire us to wrap our large and small Scrabble Letters . Using kraft paper, greaseproof paper and hemp twine. And during these months, if you place an order for Scrabble Letters, they will arrive already wrapped, ready to give as a gift. On the greaseproof paper we write the definition of the word or name you have chosen. It is a nice gift for this Christmas or the ideal gift for the Secret Santa . Now you just need to think of the word that defines that person, or that unites you, or their name.

christmas gifts

furniture gifts


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