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The order is nice! 5 Tricks to keep your living room ALWAYS tidy

Coming home after an intense day, getting comfortable and lying on the sofa wrapped in a soft blanket... there is no doubt that sometimes it is the time of day you enjoy the most. And for your living room to make you feel more comfortable than anywhere else, you need it to be organized.

Because order is nice! To achieve this, today we bring you some tricks so that your living room always looks tidy. And not only do you order it when there is a visitor at home.

photo via harlowejames

First the cushions always placed.

Once you go to bed or leave the house, don't leave them lying around, put them up. It helps to have a feeling of order and although it seems silly, it is worth losing those 2 minutes to place them.

Trays to decorate and organize

If you are one of those who likes to have plants, candles or other objects. Group them in trays, you will gain a sense of order, as all the objects are together and not each one on one side. Also, if you are one of those who keeps magazines, propaganda, papers, letters from the bank... don't leave it on the living room table. Use a tray or box to store them, so you also know where you can find it.

via Zara home

Cozy baskets

Natural fiber baskets are in fashion. They are ideal for storing blankets, magazines, remote controls... And they provide that cozy touch. This way you get everything to have its place, but don't overdo it because they can't become a bottomless pit.

Furniture with straight lines

Designer furniture with straight lines provides a greater sense of order and balance.

Hide the cables

Seeing cables causes a feeling of neglect. Use organizers that hide cables to prevent them from tangling, or buy furniture with an opening in the back to pass cables through .


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